• We have all kinds of products made with palm tree materials such as: palm tree figurines, oil and acrylic paintings of palm landscapes, slices of palm trees for decoration, as canvas or for gardening. We also have furniture made with palm tree trunks and much more ...

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    *Phone number: 665248429

  • We have high quality bags made by hand by one of the most sought-after artists in the art of basketry and work done in palm of date palm. The bags have been made with date palmtrees  palms  phoenix dactylifera with esparto grass handles and their origin is of ecological cultivation. All the bags have been made in Spain and the materials to make them too. We have a very limited production to be produced by hand one by one and all by the same master of braiding.
  • Tightly spun thread ideal for making traditional atxe Three Kings torches. Sold in packages of 10.

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    At TodoPalmera.com we offer a multitude of corporate gifts for advertising campaigns, corporate gifts or details or other promotional action you have in mind. We offer sachets with dates or date seeds with the company card stapled or tied with a ribbon. Consult us for other proposals.
  • We exclusively have chairs made with palms of date palm trees. They are an authentic work of art, the result of a laborious work of craftsmanship. Each chair is handmade and requires many hours for its preparation. They are very resistant, durable and above all, they are exclusive. If you are interested in acquiring one or more, contact us.