• We have at your disposal a wide variety of white palm and models of work done in curly white palm. You can see the wide range of handicraft products in white palm we offer by viewing our catalog and once you have chosen you can make the order and you will also have the option to make a direct purchase through our website of our most popular products and we have enabled its direct sale. If you need an exclusive work done in white palm that you have not seen in our catalog, we will also do it exclusively.
  • Green palm ideal for landscaping, decoration, and creation of natural shade (for sheds, outdoor bars, umbrellas) 2  meters tall, produced in the Elche UNESCO World Heritage Palm Grove. For delivery to other provinces, consult prices. *A complete bundle has 20 units. *Palms have not been treated with any chemical product.
  • The atxes or hachas (axes, in English) are torches made in Elche with 100% natural composted palm waste, dried palm leaves and fine thread or pita thread. The light and smoke of the hachas are used by children to signal to the Three Kings and guide them to their houses, so that they do not lose their way delivering gifts. The hachas are lit immediately following the procession of the Three Kings. The hachas are a tradition that has existed for more than 300 years. Prices can vary from 5€ to 6€ depending on the size and if they are collected in Elche, and from 8€ to 12€. To collect in Elche, call +34 665 248 429 or you can send a massage by whatsapp to +34 606 566 578  
  • The Lulav (palm) have at least 4 tefachim (32-40 cm.). It has a straight and green rachis and their leaves (leaflets) are green, straight and closed. The palms have been previously selected and the last two sheets are complete and glued (tiomet).
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