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The brushing of the palms consists of removing the outer layer of the trunk or spiked palm tree for aesthetic reasons. The brushing of the trunks is done in a corbellote and it can also be done with a cuter only in the case of washingtonian palms.

The price can vary according to the trunk of the palm tree or if corbellote or cutter is used.The unit with which we determine the price is the “meter”, so when we talk about price, it means per meter.

  • The price of peeling to corbellote to any type of palm tree ranges between 25€ and 35€ per linear meter.
  • The price of peeled to cutter (in Washington) ranges between 40€ and 60€ per linear meter.

To have our professional services contact us by calling 665248429 and ask for a quote.



Out of stock


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