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We have Beauveria bassiana fungi from Glen Biotech in 1kg and 5kg format.

The fungus that Glen Biotech has developed is the Beauveria bassiana but within the type of fungus there are many different strains and Glen Biotech has managed to reproduce in mass one of the strains found in Elche that has a high rate of effectiveness against the red palm weevil.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complementary with chemical treatments
  • It helps reduce the application of chemicals to have the palm trees protected throughout the year.
  • Expansion capacity to other palm trees.
  • Fortifying phytate that once applied on the palm, puts the plant on alert and reinforces its defenses to detect an external agent.

* Recommended amount per palm tree: 1kg
* There is also the possibility of buying bags of 1kg and 1/2 kg

Out of stock

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