The Date harvesting machine provides satisfactory solutions to optimize the harvest and production of dates. The harvesting machine of dates is one of the machines that includes collection, absorption and packaging platforms with a simple operating system. The initial classification is done in the field as an integral part of harvesting and harvesting the dates with the minimum loss and the maximum result. It is proven that our machine will have less waste than manually.
The harvesting machine of dates has a great saving of manpower and money, less use of heavy vehicles and maximum security.
– Collection of dates, initial classification and packaging in the same field.
– Maximum efficiency and great time saving.
– Lower number of workers in height.
– Greater security.
Collection platform:
We also have conveyor platforms for harvesting dates from the palm tree. The platform can easily use the handscope. The conveyors are hydraulic and are easily handled from the control panel. Above the conveyor is the floating floor that makes the work simpler and more efficient. The platform has a hydraulic control, easy and simple to operate.
Absorption and Packaging Equipment: This part of the machine has conveyor belts for absorption, initial classification, packaging and palletizing. Two classification and filling positions. Main conveyor belt for 4 pallets. The transport equipment can be adjusted at an angle of 45 degrees each side to bring the dates of two collecting platforms in parallel. It also has integrated rear teeth for unloading pallets independently of the forklift.
It has a hydraulic control panel easy to operate with the following advantages:
– Greater savings than in any other type of lifting platform.
– Conveyors with a floating floor.
– Saving money in labor.
– Conveyors that can be adjusted by 45 degrees each.

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