how to plant the palm trees

Many of you may wonder how to plant a palm tree in the most correct way.

The seeds of palm trees are very easy to germinate and anyone can germinate without hardly having experience, just with a little common sense.

For this you have to take a palm seed and follow the following steps:

  1. Put the palm seed on the chosen place of plantation that can be direct on the ground or in a pot.
  2. Place it oriented horizontally and that the seed is planted along (lying down).
  3. At the time of depositing it on the ground or in the pot, always see that the hairline that has the seed is upwards because that part will germinate the stem and the smooth part the root.
  4. Do not plant it too deep, the ideal depth being 1cm-2cm. You must bear in mind that palm trees naturally germinate when the dates of the palm trees fall to the ground without anyone burying them but only bury themselves a little bit and naturally in the months that pass from fall in the autumn until they germinate in spring.
  5. Water the pot or planting place about twice a week and increase the frequency of irrigation if it is observed that from one irrigation to the other, the soil or substrate did not maintain a certain degree of humidity.
  6. It is important that the seed is planted between the months of spring or summer more or less between March and September so that there is more chance of germination.
  7. If everything has been done correctly, the seed will germinate and in 3 to 4 weeks the palm tree will appear.

Other tips and interesting information once you have the palm tree

If you have planted several seeds, several palms were born and you want to plant them directly on the ground you must bear in mind that:

  1. Palm trees need a minimum distance with other plants, trees or palm trees to be able to develop correctly without having too many competitors for the same resources and we recommend planting it with a minimum separation of other palms or trees 3 meters away.
  2. The palm tree will take between 5 and 10 years to bear fruit depending on the care it has received but once it gives the first fruits, it will do so continuously as long as it lives.
  3. Although we have the belief that palm trees are in the desert and in the oases and do not need much water, that is incorrect and palm trees need a lot of water and nutrients even if they are able to survive in extreme situations.
  4. Until it shows its first flowering, we will not know if it is male or female and only in the case of being a female, it will give dates since the male is the one that produces the pollen.
  5. Approximately there is a 50% chance of male or female out and to get good dates you need to have a copy of each sex or a female and the possibility of pollination with a nearby male or buying pollen to pollinate it.
  6. Each palm tree planted with seed is a unique variety and you will have as many different varieties as you have planted palm trees.
  7. If you are lucky enough to have a high quality date palm, you can get more identical palms using asexual reproduction techniques by separating the mother palm (previously rooted before separating).
  8. The palms are pruned every year or every 2 years and in the Mediterranean basin, the pruning season does not matter because the temperatures are very mild and warm throughout the year.
  9. At least every 2-3 months the palms should be treated against pests to avoid displeasure and prevent the red palm weevil from ending up with our palm tree.
  10. A palm tree can live more than 300 years and although it can be transplanted at any time, the ideal is to be very sure of the place of planting to avoid having to move it in the future.


On the occasion of the International Day of the Environment, the footwear company Slowwalk, of Elche, has launched a campaign in which it will give away in the shoe boxes that sell, up to 6,000 seeds of palm trees of the species phoenix dactylifera which is the species that it predominates in Elche and that its seeds were collected in the area of ​​the UNESCO palm grove.

We applaud this initiative and here you have the address of your website in case you want to know more:


* Images of the Slowwalk campaign that it has made in collaboration with




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