The corbellote, which is also called corvellon or marcola in some places, is the most popular and well-known tool for pruning palm trees.

However, there are pruning tools that are used for palm trees in other latitudes.

Specifically in the Balearic Islands in Spain, they also use the Mallorcan palette or shovel, which they have used since time immemorial.

Physically it resembles the corbellote although it has some differences such as, for example, the corbellote has an iron handle and the paddle is made of beech wood. The metal plate of the corbellote is larger and thinner and that of the Majorcan shoulder is somewhat smaller and thicker, and made of cx-75 carbon steel.

Depending on the type of palm tree that the palm tree prunes, he will use one tool or another and this trowel is a tool that the professional palm tree should also include in his tool kit.

Majorcan popsicles, as their name says, are from Mallorca and TodoPalmera.com has brought them to the peninsula to also make them known on the peninsula and make them available to our customers who wish to have this wonderful tool.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that soon you will be able to have one of these native Mallorcan tools.

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