TodoPalmera launches a new exclusive service, which consists of offering tourist visits to a date farm.

It will surely be easy for you to visit a winery or an oil mill, to cite an example, due to the large amount of offer that exists throughout Spain and in a large part of the Spanish tourist destinations, but it will not be so easy to find a farm of dates and It is also open to visitors and offers different services during the visit.

We have been the first in Spain to offer this new tourist service and it has only been in operation for a month.

Industrial tourism continues to grow every year and there are more and more tourists who visit a destination and want to live unique experiences and for that reason, we have opted for industrial tourism focused on the production of dates.

* Images of one of our visits attended recently.

Here is a description of the visit to our facilities.


Visit one of TodoPalmera’s date farms and learn how dates are grown.

The visit includes:

  1. Visit to a date farm orchard
  2. Tasting of dates directly from the palm tree (in season).
  3. Explanation of the entire production process.
  4. Whoever wishes will be given the opportunity to climb a palm tree.
  5. The visit is offered in 3 languages ​​(Spanish, English and Valencian)

The price per person is € 12 (minimum 2 people).

Visits take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings with prior reservation.

The duration of the visit is approximately one and a half hours.

You can make your reservation by calling 606 566 578 or sending an email with your request to

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