A good work team (EPI), which stands for Personal Protection Equipment, is essential in any job with the aim of being able to perform the task correctly and safely.

In we have created the possibility of purchasing a standard palmerero kit at a very competitive price and from there give the possibility to expand, decrease or modify any element of the kit offered according to the tastes and needs of the client.

The basic kit that we offer can be purchased for only € 869.99 including taxes and is composed of:

1. Corbellote TP by Gabriel Rocamora.
2. Hand-made extra thick skin anti-cut corbellote cover.
3. Gumia TP by Gabriel Rocamora.
4. Gumia leather case handmade and without bottom seams.
5. Koleg harness.
6. 5-ply and 5-meter flat palm-tree rope.
7. Special double-spike palm trees.
8. Sharpening stone No. 220

In addition, we offer a pair of gloves made of nylon and silicone crossed super adherents special palmerero and with an TodoPalmera shirt, the first 50 kits of palm we sell.

You can complete your kit by adding:

  1. Carabiners
  2. Safety helmet
  3. Boots
  4. Safety glasses

Never was so easy and economical to get a professional palmerero team !!

What are you waiting for to get one?

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