Are you ready for your “First Date”?

are you ready for your "first date"?

The fresh date season of Elche has begun and you can already try the fresh “first dates” of the season.

The fresh dates of Elche can be compared to other fresh fruits such as strawberries, cherries or berries, in the aspect that if you do not keep them cold, they deteriorate soon since they contain more water than dehydrated dates from other countries.

The fresh dates of Elche usually have a shelf life since it is harvested from the palm tree, maximum of about 3 weeks if it is kept cold in a normal refrigerator and that is why at TodoPalmera we sell our fresh dates from Elche upon request. Once we receive the order, we go to the orchard to collect them to ensure that the dates reaches your home as fresh as possible.

As a counterpart, fresh dates have a better eating, a flavor that makes them unmistakable, their nuances are softer and balanced on the palate and are the ideal food for everyone as they are very beneficial for their nutritional contributions of which the phosphorus fiber and sugars.

In addition, our dates are organic and have not been subjected to chemical treatments or our palm trees have been fertilized with chemical fertilizers following our philosophy of growing in an ecological way.

We hope to see you soon with your “first date” of the season.

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