Only from 23/10 / 2018 to 11/11 / 2018 and on the occasion of a promotional offer, we put on sale our limited edition dates knife covers of the brand TodoPalmera.

In our offer we want to promote and publicize our covers that are different from others because they are handmade one by one by a recognized leather expert from Elche under our indications and in 1st quality spanish leather.

The covers are made by hand and each one is unique, made in spanish leather and in different shades. Specifically these covers to cut the palm tree fruits, are designed by experts of the sector of the palm tree and have the curvature and just width to adapt to the leaf of the gumía without that it makes much game and to avoid so that it leaves involuntarily.

Another feature of our covers is that the sewing goes only by the external part of the case to avoid accidentally cutting the threads.

What are the advantages of having a dates knife cover if I do not need it while I do not use it?

The advantage is that when the tool is transported in the vehicle, we can avoid with the movement of the tool while driving or when removing the palm dates-fruits cover, cutting tools and accessories of value that we have along with the gumía such as (harnesses, clothes of work, oil cans, hoses, ropes, etc.)

The date knife covers  that we commercialize in have been designed by and for palmereros (Palms specialists).

You can enter this link to view them on the web and place your order:

If you have any questions about its use, handling, characteristics, etc. or you are interested in any product or accessory related to the pruning of palm trees, do not hesitate to contact us and our professional team will give you an answer.

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