in todopalmera we are dates producers

From our beginnings, we had very clear that we had to value the date produced in Spain and the date palm and although nowadays, the ornamental pruning, the sale of palm trees as an ornamental plant and the exploitation of the white palm for Palm Sunday, gives more money than the agrarian exploitation of the date with respect to Elche.

At TodoPalmera we are firmly committed to the date as one of our main pillars.

At TodoPalmera we produce and sell directly our own dates.

Carrying out all these steps so that the date can arrive in the best conditions from our orchard to your table:

  1. Plantation of palm trees of different varieties of high quality dates.
  2. Irrigation and application of natural non-chemical fertilizers.
  3. Pruning of palm trees.
  4. Treatment with biological products.
  5. Manual pollination.
  6. Tied the dates branches.
  7. Bagging the dates.
  8. Harvest
  9. Direct sale to the final client or company.

TodoPalmera is one of the few companies, if not the only one, that controls all the production processes of our dates.

At present we have about 400 palm trees of the varieties Medjoul and Confitera.

In this link you can see one of our
orchard production of dates while pruning the palm trees:

We also have several tens of date varieties selected by us, in which there is only one palm that can give that variety, which makes these dates, a totally exclusive fruit for who buys it.

Here we show you in this link, a video in which an example of a unique variety of date comes out with only one palm tree in the whole world that gives it with those same characteristics: = j8a_B3mOiPY

If you want to see the dates we have available, you can do so by clicking to this link:

Also by order, you can order boxes of assorted dates of various varieties and flavors.

Whether you want to purchase our dates as high quality date palms to plant them in your farm or garden, you can contact the team of either by writing to the email:, calling the number +34 665248429 or writing to the number of wasapp +34 606566578.


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