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At TodoPalmera we are distributors of the Boreal Bulnes boots and you can order them and pick them up in Elche or we can send them to any part of the world.

The Boreal Bulnes Boots are the most used by the palm specialist to climb and carry out their pruning tasks in the palms.

We have sizes available from 3 to 13.

What are the advantages of Boreal Bulnes Boots compared to other similar boots?

  1. They are lighter.
  2. Its special padding makes you not feel the trephines while climbing and working on the palm tree without discomfort or pain.
  3. Its hard and resistant material makes it practically impossible to prick your feet.
  4. Its manufacture with high quality materials, makes it possible to be very durable.
  5. It is a national product

In this link you can buy them:

Product data sheet:

CUT: Full cut. Skin in waterproofed Split leather 2.6 mm. General padding for comfort and insulation

LINING: One-piece with Dry-Line® System for better waterproofing and breathability

PALMILLA: Boreal PBG-650 aided by lateral reinforcements for greater control

OUTSOLE: Boreal Mount FDS-3 with 3 densities. EVA-Pro plant as shock absorber and thermal insulator. Cramponable

USE: Rapid ascents of high winter mountain. Long journeys Trekking Polyvalent

WEIGHT: 1756 grs./par (size 7 UK)

The hydrofuged split of the cut is very resistant to abrasion making the Bulnes an ideal model for use in rocky terrain. It includes our lining with Dry-Line® system that is totally water resistant and has a higher degree of perspiration to help keep your feet dry in any climate.

It is compatible with straps crampons and is ideal for fast climbs of high winter mountain, long crossings and trekking. Our proven FDS-3 outsole constructed with three different density rubber compounds offers unrivaled reliability and grip on a variety of terrains.

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