the new web of is a company dedicated exclusively to offer our customers the widest range of products and services related to palm trees. We treasure several decades of experience working in the world of palm trees and in commemoration of the 1st anniversary since the founding of our store, we have renewed the image of our website and opened our blog in which we will talk about our products and services as well as any other topic that we consider may be of interest and that bears a certain relationship with palm trees.

The new website is in constant remodeling and expansion of products and services and we hope that it is to your liking and that with the passage of time it will be the reference website for those looking for anything related to palm trees.

Our new web has been configured by simplifying the previous web and grouping our entire offer in two tabs, one of “products” which, by placing the mouse over it opens a drop down with 6 categories of products that in turn you can see other subcategories of specific products such as those that can be found in the TOOLS category: sale of accessories and tools for palm cutters and pruning in height, sale of machinery, sale of equipment for palm trees and pruning of palm trees, sale of epis and security elements, rental of tools such as corbellotes, gumias, palmerero strings, and machinery such as crushers, chainsaws, etc. and sale of products against the weevil and other pests.

In the category PALMS Y DATES WE CAN FIND: sale of dates, sale of white palm, bouquets and ornaments for Palm Sunday and the sale of palm trees of different species and varieties.

Finally in the section of products we have the category of ART AND DECORATION where paintings, paintings, ornaments, crafts and sale of furniture made with palm tree wood among other things are for sale.

In the same way it happens with the category “Services” in which you can find 7 categories that are: PALMEREROS that brings together the offer of services offered by palmereros, PLAGAS / PICUDO in which you can meet and contract all the services that are related with the fight against pests on palm trees.

Another of the existing categories is that of TOURISM that offers all kinds of tourist services in the palm grove of Elche. Finally we have a section dedicated to EVENTS where the events related to the palm grove are published.

You can find also the categories: TRAINING,RENT AND GARDENING.

There is a great multitude of products and services that we offer and that still do not appear on the web, for this reason we recommend that if you enter our website looking for something specific and can not find it, please contact us directly via email or through a phone call and we surely have that product or service at your disposal.

We hope your experience is as pleasant as possible.

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